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Boat from Hondarribia to Hendaye

Hondarribia-Hendaye in just 7 minutes

The boat which links the two towns of Hondarribia and Hendaye has been working practically every day since 1993. The trip is made by our traditional boat, Rekalde, which departs every day from Paseo Butrón in Hondarribia and in just 7 minutes, offers a fast, convenient link to the French town of Hendaye, just across the bay.

This mode of transport is used on a daily basis by both tourists and locals alike. Moreover, dogs are permitted on board, along with up to a maximum of 5 bicycles per trip. The Hondarribia-Hendaye boat trip is the quickest and easiest way to travel between the two towns, since it bypasses all the traffic that generally tends to form on the roads, especially during the summer months. Moreover, passengers can enjoy a fantastic view of the three towns that together make up Txingudi Bay: Hondarribia, Irún and Hendaye.


€2,50 per person per trip. Tickets can be purchased on board.


Departs from the La Venta car park.


The Hondarribia-Hendaye boat departs every 15 minutes from Paseo Butrón:

Summer timetable:

  • July, August and up until 11 September: From 10.00h to 24.00h of the night.
  • From 13 to 30 September: From 10.15h to 19.00h. (Saturdays and Sundays until 20.00h).

Autumn timetable:

  • October: From 10.15h to 19.00h (Saturdays and Sundays until 20.00h).
  • from October 26 to 31, November and December: From 10.15h to 18.00h.

Winter timetable:

  • January and February: From 10.15h to 18.00h (times may change depending on the weather).
  • March: From 10.15h to 18.00h.

Spring timetable:

  • April, May and June: From 10.15h to 19.00h (Saturdays and Sundays until 20.00h).

*Times may change depending on the weather

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